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No-Prep Preschool Kits in Raleigh, NC

Whereas Raleigh, North Carolina is one of the top homeschooling cities in the nation, we know you will love our simple yet effective preschool curriculum! Our no-prep preschool kits are an all-inclusive, custom curriculum that is delivered to your door each month wherever you live in North Carolina!


Our activities are printed, cut and ready to roll and include the materials needed to complete the activities provided. Our preschool curriculum kits are designed to foster preschool age children by offering appropriate developmental activities, while making it simple for you (teachers and/or homeschool parents) to deliver the content. It gives what is most important back to you... your time to spend with your children!


Rock and Grow Preschool Curriculum allows you to focus on the fun and important parts of teaching, without the prep stress that usually accompanies the task. Daily lessons for our monthly preschool curriculum kits are planned out on a suggested monthly calendar each month. Lessons are bagged up in daily bags with instructions and pictures for each activity. Our no-prep preschool kits provide you the luxury of having to no longer search stores in Raleigh or on-line for materials needed and the mundane task of hopping back and forth from one lesson book to another. Our Rock and Grow Preschool Curriculum kits are literally ready to roll right out of the bag! It’s simple, it’s engaging, it’s fun, it’s effective and still gives you as the teacher or homeschool parent the autonomy for your teaching!

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