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what parents are saying!


"Rock and Grow is amazing! The details and thought that is put into it to provide an easy but effective curriculum for preschool at home is amazing!! So grateful for this program!"


"It was an absolute breeze.  But not just easy, super cute and fun.  Just what I'd want out of doing my own curriculum without the work of having to make sure it's done each day.  It was a life saver."

"Job well done! I have had fun watching the kids learn using this fun curriculum!"

"This program is the absolute BEST!! Created by teachers who have such a love and passion to educate and grow the minds of littles!! Each day you grab the bag of the day and all the lesson and supplies are include!!  You simply teach, craft and create with your little one!! This program is by far the best preschool curriculum I have used!! Check them out for all your preschool needs!​"


"Stephanie and Lindsey have truly created a priceless curriculum with their Rock and Grow Curriculum.  I used it the entire 2022-2023 preschool year and it was a breeze. The lessons and activities were such a great quality, I didn't have to do a thing to change any of the lessons.  Each day, week, and month transitioned so well into each other.  Each building on the previous.  I would come in each day and know I had everything I needed and would have a great lesson to teach.  You could tell it was created by someone that had been in the classroom before and knew what would be needed.  What I was most worried about was creativity but I was completely and wonderfully surprised at how darling each lesson was. The crafts and activities were everything I would have wanted if I had to create my own curriculum but it was already done for me!  The perfect set up.  I can't thank them enough for creating a program that is so fun and thought out from start to finish.  I watched the kids learn and have fun the entire year. It fit each students different levels with an easy modification, either up or down.  And the stress levels on my end were non existent.  I will use this curriculum every year that I teach preschool.  Thank you so much!" 

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