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A Pre-K/Kinder Curriculum ready to roll!


PRE-K & KINDER FUN with sequential activities that build on each other, creative stimulating projects fostering fine motor development, correct letter formation instruction, strengthening phonic exercises, and engaging activities to develop a strong foundation of phonemic awareness.

SIMPLE ready to use daily activities with clear, detailed instructions so you know exactly how to deliver the lesson while providing autonomy in your own teaching environment. 

BYE, BYE PREP and late night planning! All the busy work and shopping for materials and supplies will be a thing of the past if you're a busy teacher or homeschool parent. Your DREAM delivered to your door!



Kindergarten Supplement

Introducing our Kindergarten Supplement, an exciting addition to our comprehensive preschool curriculum! This supplement is meticulously designed to align with kindergarten standards, offering a structured and progressive academic journey for young learners throughout the school year.

The supplement comes in a convenient booklet format, making it easy for both parents/teachers and students to navigate. Each section builds upon the last, ensuring a gradual and effective progression of skills and knowledge. 

Intended to complement the existing "morning work" activities, this supplement provides additional focused practice in key areas such as literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking. By incorporating our Kindergarten Supplement, educators can help students transition smoothly from preschool to kindergarten, fostering confidence and academic readiness.


With engaging activities and a clear developmental path, our Kindergarten Supplement is an essential resource for enhancing our Pre-K resources for Kinder learners. 

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