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Hi, we're Lindsey & Stephanie!

Together, we've taught Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade and we each have 20 years of teaching experience. During many of these years, we've operated our own private preschool and know what it's like to want the best for our students while juggling and balancing family life. 


We searched tirelessly for a high quality, meaningful curriculum that is not only planned out monthly, but also day-by-day and could be delivered right to us. Programs we've researched and purchased had some of what we were looking for, but not 


About Us Teachers

everything; many were overly complicated, some only offered a digital program which lacked a hands on experience, and others had gaps in the curriculum with much wasted material and busy work. 

We longed for something different!  After years of dreaming of such a program, we finally turned our dream into a reality with Rock and Grow…A Pre-K/Kinder Curriculum Ready to Roll!

We hope you love our simple, ready to use Rock and Grow Curriculum that will make your life easier as a teacher or parent and prepare your little one(s) to rock the foundation of learning!


                                                              Lindsey and Stephanie

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