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  • How is Rock and Grow Preschool different from other delivery box preschools?
    As two teacher friends with years of experience teaching preschool through first grade, we wanted something different. We have used the big-named box preschools out there in the past and have not been fully satisfied. We found there was a lot of waste and it ended up in the garbage. They had some of what we wanted but were lacking in other areas. Other preschool boxes claim to be user-friendly but many times we spent hours sorting and preparing for the month using their curriculum. It was time away from our kids and family we hated losing. We have been talking for years about what we wish we could buy. We finally decided it was time to create it ourselves! We know what works. We wanted it to be simple, effective, easy to use and everything useable leaving no waste. We created the meat and potatoes, the big foundational rocks to learn and grow. It is fun, engaging and contains all the major learning blocks to ensure Kindergarten readiness. Ours is truly one of a kind. Pick out the daily bag, in which the instructions for all activities are included and start teaching. Simple as that!
  • Who is your program created for?
    Our program was specifically designed for private preschools and home-school parents. Rock and Grow is geared for 3-5 year old children to help ensure they are ready for Kindergarten.
  • Can I use this if I'm not a teacher?
    Yes! Our curriculum is simple and user friendly. All instructions are in the daily bag, so there is no guessing or lesson book to hunt down. Anyone can simply pull the bag out and start teaching.
  • What is the Curriculum like?
    This year's curriculum can be found here and you can also take a sneak peak of upcoming years here.
  • Are all materials included?
    Almost all materials are included. There are some supplies that are the teacher’s responsibility to keep on hand, which are staple products you will want to have all the time such as paint, pencils, scissors, etc. Once in awhile there is an activity you will need something extra for such as double-sided tape but this is rare. If needing something extra, the item will always be listed on the daily bag and also on the beginning of the month supply list so you will know exactly what you need and when. Here is a suggested supply list.
  • What is the daily time commitment?
    Each day there are three educational activities to complete. We offer a small group, whole group and take-home activity/craft every day. These can range in time depending on the number of students in your class.
  • What is your return policy?
    We offer a 14-day money back guarantee minus shipping costs. A $25 fee will be charged if the curriculum is refused upon delivery.
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